The Alabama Fire College was awarded an Assistance to Firefighter Grant in 2019. The purpose of the grant was to update and upgrade our learning management system, which will allow users to streamline the input, management, & output of data for AFC employees, fire departments, and firefighters/EMT’s. Our goal is to give departments and firefighters greater access to their information in the AFC database.

Our staff has worked tirelessly fine-tuning these processes which have taken more than a year. These changes will be monumental for the Alabama Fire College and for you. Because of the effort Staff has expended, we highly encourage departments to gravitate toward the online processes; this system will make your life so much easier!

  1. Download the permission form.
  2. Send the completed form to your Regional Coordinator for processing.

With the new ‘Department Dashboard’ you will be able to:

  • View your entire department roster and make changes
  • View training records and print certificates for department members
  • View upcoming classes by location (campus, RTC, county, region, department)
  • View past classes your department has taught
  • Complete course applications and student registrations
  • Verify that a student meets the certification pre-requisites to take attend a class
  • Add students to a course by clicking a button adjacent to their name
  • Filter rosters for who has and does not have certain certifications
  • Pay for courses with the upload of a purchase order or by credit card
Got a question? Need help navigating your dashboard? 
Email us at