ICS 214 Unit Log

The purpose of the ICS 214 Unit Log is to capture details of an Alabama Mutual Aid System (AMAS) Teams activity. These logs provide the primary reference for extracting information for inclusion in a daily sit-rep, after-action reports, and are likely to be required for reimbursement.

Example: ICS 214 Unit Log form, completed.

Preparation: A Unit Log is initiated and maintained by Team Leaders of Swiftwater Teams, HazMat Teams, SMORT, Collapse Teams, and by Command positions and Squad Leaders of US&R Teams. These can even be required by fire departments during disasters. Completed logs are submitted to supervisors who compile the information for the local, state, and home base sit-reps.

ICS 214 should be completed daily from the time of activation to demobilization. Important information includes the date, time, who is making the report, and activity completed.

For more information or assistance, please contact Sherry Crush, AMAS Program Manager, at scrush@alabamafirecollege.org.