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Next month’s meeting will be held at 10am on June 8th.

Students/Certifications issued by the AFC:

  • 10/1/19-5/11/20 = 14,015 students / 5245 certifications
  • 10/1/20-5/10/21 = 14,006 students / 6057 certifications 

The Fire Officer series is undergoing a NFPA-driven standard change. Pilots will occur in August and September and we will go live in January 2022. Courses included are: Fire Officer I/II, IFSTA; Fire Officer III/IV, IFSTA; and Fire Department Safety Officer

NFA Three-State Weekend will be held on August 7-8 in Emmittsburg, MD. There will only be 50 openings this year. Registration will be available soon.

Side-by-Side Residential Sprinkler Demo at the Southern Fire Sprinkler Summit. On August 5th, we will demonstrate the efficiency and effectiveness of residential sprinkler systems though showcasing our mobile residential sprinkler trailer at the Summit in Gulf Shores, Alabama.

Alabama Association of Volunteer Fire Departments conference will be held at the Alabama Fire College on July 24-35

AMAS Advisory Council: Thursday, May 13 (conference call at 10am)

Residential Fire Sprinkler Installer course will be held at the Alabama Fire College on July 26-30 for plumbers who wish to install sprinklers in resident structures. Event Info / Register

Jefferson County Unified Command will be fully demobilized on May 17th.  Afterward JCDH/JCEMA will revert to normal operations.  

IMT tabletop exercise-April 22 held at Madison County EMA, Baldwin County EMA, Shelby County RTC, and AFC-Tuscaloosa. Thanks to the 54 participants, those who hosted, Joe Lynch for planning the event for us and David Thornburg for facilitating.

Telework guidelines have been published by the State of Alabama. This provides some guidance regarding best practices.

Former AFC Executive Director Bill Langston passed away at the age of 79.

Ms. Lori Howes from Utah Valley University is Kim Davis’ counterpart there and will be joining the Alabama Fire College later this summer to assume duties as Deputy Director of Certification. She is highly experienced, but most of all she is a great person who cares deeply about the fire service. Like Kim, she has uncommon commitment to serving emergency responders. We are extremely encouraged by her experience and are anxiously awaiting her arrival.      

The Commission has approved:

  • Solicitation of proposals for a prop storage building (125’ x 250’) to house our mobile fleet.
  • Expediting refurbishment of Mobile Burn Trailer 3.
  • Purchase of a new over the road tractor to pull our mobile props
  • Researching/gathering information regarding resurfacing asphalt around the AFC

As a part of the updated learning management system and department dashboard project, we will soon be requesting updated contact information and permissions for those who will need a greater level of access to upload and download information. This includes career and volunteer departments.

An MOU has been drafted between the AAFC and the AFC which allows both to take advantage of the AFC tax exempt status as well as sharing of the financial burden of the winter conference, should the event have to be cancelled for unforeseen reasons.


  • HB 77/SB 156: The Joint Fire Council should be receiving funding earmarked for Peer Support in the State of Alabama (if signed by Governor Ivey). Fifty cents of every dollar from the sale of distinctive firefighter license plates will be allocated to peer support development throughout the state.
  • HB 112/SB 38: If signed by the Governor, the AFC will be allowed to certify peer support members.
  • Education Trust Fund budget sent to Governor Ivey for signature. We requested an 8% increase, the Legislature allocated 6% increase.