Safe-T-Zone high voltage program DVDs

Alabama Power’s high voltage safety program, called Safe-T-Zone, was designed with first responders in mind. This custom-built trailer generates 14,400 volts and uses both primary and secondary voltage to demonstrate the potential dangers of overhead and underground power lines.

Safe-T-Zone is presented by Alabama Power lineman and covers a variety of topics like the consequences of pulling a meter at a house fire, what to do when encountering downed lines, and how to handle outages during a disaster. Safe-T-Zone is ideal for firefighters, police officers, and volunteer firefighters.

Due to the coronavirus, Alabama Power has temporarily halted in-person delivery of the Safe-T-Zone program. However, you may request a DVD of the program to teach about the importance of safety around electricity. The DVD will be yours to keep and it is provided for free, as a public service of Alabama Power.

Visit:…/safety…/safe-t-zone.html to request your free training DVD.

Substation Fire Response Guidelines

Alabama Power has provided these safety guidelines to know when responding to a substation fire. Please share with your department members!