Firefighters are often the first on the scene of a chemical incident. Knowing what kind of personal protective equipment is needed, what method is best to extinguish a chemical fire, and how many people may be on-site, are just some of the questions that can be addressed ahead of time during pre-planning by using Tier II data.

E-Plan Map of Tier II Facilities in Alabama

The Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act (EPCRA) requires facilities that house certain amounts of hazardous substances on-site to submit hazardous chemical inventories to their local fire department every year. Every county in Alabama has five or more of these facilities. The Alabama Emergency Response Commission (AERC) strives to make managing and utilizing Tier II information easier for first responders. The AERC houses a complete digital dataset of these inventories, known as Tier II Reports, and provides free training to responders on how to use these free resources. Tier II data is now available in E-Plan, a free, easily accessible database, available to all first responders.

E-Plan is accessed through the website ( or through their mobile app for authorized users. For those who prefer paper copies and maintaining binders, E-Plan makes it easy to print reports for your area. E-Plan data can be exported and imported into other useful programs such as CAMEO.

Firefighters can request access to these digital databases and discuss training needs by contacting Beth Woodfin or calling 334-394-4306.