May 2023 Newsletter

Upcoming events & classes View more events here. May 20-21: (Volunteers-Weekend) FAO: Pumper 21-24: CFSI in Washington 24: Alabama EMS Challenge (Opelika) 29:Closed (Memorial Day) June 13: Fire Service Briefing 19: Closed (Juneteenth) July 4: Closed (Independence Day) 11: Fire Service Briefing 18: Personnel Standards & Education Commission Quarterly Work Session 19: Personnel Standards & … Continue reading May 2023 Newsletter

April 2023 Newsletter

Personnel Standards & Education Commission Work session: April 18 begins at 12:30pm Meeting: April 19 begins at 9am Commissioner Sparks' term expires on June 9, 2023. He has faithfully served Alabama’s fire service for eight years. He has provided guidance and insight into issues as they relate to his constituents. We thank him for his … Continue reading April 2023 Newsletter

November 2022 Newsletter

Congratulations, Recruit School Class 22-06! Get Alarmed, Alabama! Smoke Alarm Program 2023 weekend classes for volunteer firefighters Download the flyer These courses will be held two weekends per month (approximately) and taught by our regular instruction cadre to ensure volunteers receive the same training as others. Students must provide proof of volunteer fire department … Continue reading November 2022 Newsletter

Changes to NFPA Standards 1006 and 1033 prompt curriculum and certification updates

The NFPA Standards Committees update standards typically every five years to ensure that the most up-to-date information, technology, and industry standards are included in the curriculum that is produced and used in classroom delivery. To maintain accreditation with Pro Board and IFSAC, the AFC has a two-year deadline to update to these new editions. As … Continue reading Changes to NFPA Standards 1006 and 1033 prompt curriculum and certification updates

August 2022 Newsletter

Emergency Medical Services We anticipate having more than 50 paramedic students beginning in the fall term.EMT self-study, self-paced course: We have 50 students who have taken the course; approximately 40 have passed the NREMT (80% pass rate).Reimbursement Program: Four years ago, the state appropriated $125,000/year to incentivize volunteers and rescue squad members to attend EMT training. … Continue reading August 2022 Newsletter